Beauty as We Know It

Photo: Daily Mail Online

Photo: Daily Mail Online

Beauty: it’s something that everyone strives for, but do we really know what true beauty is? In our society beauty only seems skin-deep. Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as the quality of being physically attractive. Even though we know that people are much more than their physical looks, why is it so important to us? Why are we as a society, so beauty-obsessed? Everyone wants something they don’t have–skinny girls want to become thicker and curvy girls want to become thinner. It seems as though everyone wants to alter their appearances in order to line up with society’s definition of beauty. There are some people who try to take beauty into their own hands by changing their appearances permanently through plastic surgery. Thousands of people are willing to go under the knife for a chance at “perfection.” According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the top five cosmetic procedures in 2012 included breast augmentation, nose and eyelid surgery, liposuction and facelifts. Since society is so focused on youth and fighting the aging process, everyone is trying to do whatever they can to stay beautiful.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: xxsupergirlxo/Pinterest

But why do we even allow society to tell us what is beautiful? One day they say it’s all about full lips or high cheekbones, the next it’s about having a tan complexion or a big butt and the next day it’s all about slim thighs. The thigh gap trend has risen to fame this year, but according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, of The Dr. Oz Show, this trend is so dangerous that it can potentially result in an eating disorder. So why is it, that we’re so willing to follow society’s standard of beauty while harming our health in the process? Beauty is subjective, so how can we allow society to dictate what is or isn’t beautiful? Well maybe society doesn’t even know what beauty is and that’s why no one can decide on a solid definition. If society did know the meaning of beauty, then they wouldn’t be changing their minds and constantly showcasing different beauty trends every other week. But that’s just it–beauty isn’t a trend. Beauty is so much more than the clothes we wear and our outward appearance. Beauty is something real; it’s not something that make-up or other products can create because beauty comes from within the heart. So maybe if we stopped looking at each other’s appearances and started focusing on something deeper, then maybe things would get better. Maybe women will stop feeling the need to change their hair color, their eye color or even their skin color in order to feel beautiful. Perhaps young girls won’t have to be so unhappy with their looks if society didn’t exalt them so much. If we teach girls that being pretty is the only way to get noticed, then how will we ever move forward as a society? Everyone’s appearance will change throughout the years and trends will come and go, but a beautiful heart and a genuine soul is something that will never go out of style.

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