I Love Hawaiʻi Because…

With so much to do in Hawaiʻi, everyday is a new opportunity to have an amazing adventure.

  1. Gorgeous weather: Hawaiʻi is well-known for its clear, blue skies and sunny weather. Every day is a great day for some fun in the sun!
  2. Amazing beaches: Whether it be white sand, black sand, red sand or even green sand, our beaches are simply breathtaking.
  3. Surf’s up: The winter season can bring in waves well over 40 feet. Our waters are powerful, yet so incredibly stunning.
  4. Marine life: Because who wouldn’t want to take a dip and swim with dolphins?
  5. Rich culture: Discover what makes Hawaiʻi so unique. Our state is filled with so much history and heritage.
  6. Lively music: The sweet melodies of Hawaiʻi will have you mesmerized.
  7. Local cuisine: Get ready to feast ladies and gents, because our food will make your mouth water. Get ready for a kanak attack!
  8. Shave ice: This sweet treat has so many flavor combos, that the options are endless.
  9. Big Island Candies: Satisfy your sweet tooth with these yummy goodies. Their flagship store is located in Hilo, Hawaiʻi.
  10. ʻIolani Palace: Visit the palace that housed Hawaiʻi’s very own royalty.
  11. Pearl Harbor: Reflect on the past, while honoring those fallen. Visit where WW|| started and then later ended.
  12. Ironman Triathlon: Athletes from around the globe flock to Kailua-Kona for the Ironman World Championship. Think you have what it takes to compete? The competition consists of a swimming, cycling and running.
  13. Street art: Our local artists take graffiti art to the next level.
  14. Waterfalls: What better way to cool down than right under one of these beauties? Unwind under our gorgeous waterfalls.
  15. Hiking: Trek through lush terrain and truly become one with nature.
  16. Fiery Lava: The Kīlauea volcano lava flow is a stunning sight to see. Visit the Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island to learn more about our volcanoes.
  17. Snow: That’s right, it does indeed snow here in Hawaiʻi!
  18. Rainbows: Keep an eye out for our vibrant rainbows and maybe you’ll find that pot of gold. Look closely for double rainbows as well!
  19. Stunning sunsets: Wait, is this real life? Yes, yes it is.
  20. Aloha spirit: We’re warm, laid-back people because hey, we live in paradise. Living in Hawaiʻi is like being on a never-ending vacation!

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