Timeless Creations

By Tasha Mero

Trends come and go fairly quickly in the fashion industry, but ANVI Clothing is changing the game by providing stylish staple pieces that will look good all season long.

Aimee Imai, founder of ANVI Clothing, offers outfits that easily transform from day to night. She strives to accommodate women who crave comfort and those interested in “forever pieces,” or timeless designs.

She began planning ANVI two years ago, in hopes of bringing relaxed, effortless chic into women’s wardrobes. This clothing line is a very personal project, in that ANVI, pronounced “on-vee,” is derived from the initials of her full name: Aimee Nichole Vogelgesang Imai.

Aimee says that she’s always wanted to launch her own clothing line and is excited to premier ANVI Clothing within the next couple of months. She sees herself holding a fashion show in the near future as well as hosting some giveaways.

“The road has been long and windy, with a few dead ends, but I’ve learned a lot and I’m so thankful for the journey that has led me to today,” Aimee says. “ANVI has been a labor of love.”

Some of the items in the ANVI collection include tank tops, tunics, pants, kimonos, dresses and much more. Aimee says that her favorite dress in the collection is a multi-functional one, which can be worn backwards as well.

With everything being under $100, Aimee is happy to offer an affordable clothing line. However, Aimee is even more proud of the fact that all of her items are made here in Hawaiʻi.

“I am so happy that I have been able to ‘support local’ in terms of production,” Aimee says. “I am so proud and excited to be a part of the growing fashion community here in Hawaiʻi. We have so much local talent here; it’s incredible!”

Being that she loves to travel the world, she tries to mirror that very lifestyle into her clothing line. Her designs are inspired by coastal life and her traveling adventures, so she aims to create a sense of luxury and wanderlust into each item.

Her clothing collection is set to be released online on her website sometime before the end of the year. Although Aimee would love to open a storefront one day, she likes the idea of having her business online and mobile. Due to her adventurous spirit, even she is unsure of where she will end up next.

“When one wears ANVI, I want them to feel like they are on vacation,” explains Aimee. “Or that it makes them picture their next big adventure.”

This article was originally published in hnlFlow magazine.

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