Tasha’s Beach Adventures: Baby Pond

The subtle sounds of the sea, the sand beneath me and the sun above me, oh yes, there’s nothing quite like the serenity of a great beach. Being outdoors feels amazing, and my home away from home is most definitely the beach.

Baby Pond, also known as Kid’s Pond or Queen’s Bath, is a little tidepool located on the Kona Coast. The absence of large, rogue waves makes it the perfect spot for kiddies. True to it’s name, there are always cute kids here, enjoying the sun and playing in the sand.

Although great for kids, it’s a nice place for everyone–I always enjoy my time here because it is always so calm. There are different beach access points, but the one that I typically take is the sandy path right between the nearby homes. (This beach spot is surrounded by residential homes).


There’s no “official” parking vicinity for this beach but everyone just parks in the lot right above the grassy field. Sometimes there will be people playing on the field so you’ll just have to walk around them. But from the parking area, it’s a short 5-minute walk to the actual beach.

When it’s low tide, you will have to go out further if you wanna swim, because when the tide is low–it’s really low. When it is low tide, the lava rocks near the sea become more prominent. But when the tide is high, the water can get fairly deep. Just be on the lookout for wana though–they love to inhibit tidepools.


Since there are homes right off the beach, the area is under surveillance and you may see security guards making their rounds. I personally like this beach for it’s simplicity. It’s a quiet place that doesn’t get too crowded–the perfect place to go for a quick beach fix.


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