Small School, Big Talent

By Tasha Mero

KAPOLEI — A Kapolei school garners national attention for its school spirit video.

image2Local talent from Kapolei’s Island Pacific Academy received an award earlier this year as one of three top contenders in a national music competition. Rock Your School Song Contest, sponsored by GRAMMY Foundations as well as Jostens, asked high school students to exhibit their school spirit by creating a music video about their school song.

Micah Hirokawa, IPA’s history teacher and music club advisor, says his vision for the music video was for it to encompass the entire school. The video’s lead singers were in high school, but students from all grades can be seen in the video joining in on the fun. In addition, the lead singers walk through the school, giving viewers a short tour of the campus.

“I thought that was important, because I think when [people] think of your school song, they also wanna know what your school looks like,” Hirokawa explains. “You really got a taste of what it was like at IPA. So I think the judges were really happy with the genuineness of it.”

Their music video also had a local twist, in that it displayed an island vibe throughout the song.

Read the full story here, in go Kapolei Magazine.

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