Home Décor with a Unique Backstory

By Tasha Mero

KAILUA — Your favorite finds await at Island Bungalow Hawaii.

Newly rebranded–and relocated–Island Bungalow Hawaii makes its debut in Kailua.

Previously located in Honolulu and formerly known as Chai Studio, owner and designer Amerjit Ghag decided to move from downtown and opted for Kailua’s small-town feel. Rebranded as Island Bungalow Hawaii, the shop opened its doors in early 2016.

image2Its new name is only fitting, as the shop exudes a cozy bungalow atmosphere. It’s filled with everything customers will need in order to make their home comfy and personalized. From accessories and beautiful textiles to vintage furniture, Island Bungalow Hawaii has a wonderful variety.

The shop strives to offer products that help customers keep their homes as unique as their own personality. Since the boutique offers items in small quantities, patrons won’t have to worry about having the same items as everyone else.image1

Rather than work with large suppliers, the shop partners with artisans from around the world to ensure that they offer original items. Island Bungalow Hawaii maintains close relationships with their artisans in order to create exclusive products only sold in their store. The offerings are an eclectic mix of traditional techniques, beach lifestyle and bohemian spirit.


Read the full story here, in go Kailua Magazine.

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