Tasha’s Beach Adventures: Pines

Chillin’ out under a tree on a white, sandy beach–this is the life. While kicking back, relaxing in a hammock, I am at peace. Staring up at the blue sky, I could fall asleep, right here and now. 


This beach goes by many names, but I call it Pines. Depending on when you go, the waves can be “bombing” or they can be calm. But when I’m here, I don’t typically go in the water. I just chill in a hammock or lie on the sand.

This beach is great for everyone, but depending on where you park, you may have to walk a bit. I actually don’t mind the walk. It’s not very far, plus I get the chance to look around and enjoy nature. The beach strip is quite long so I like to take my time and find the perfect spot for me.


The sand isn’t the softest, but I don’t care. That’s not why I came here; some folks may not like the sand because it can be coarse. The reason I enjoy this spot is because I like being able to stare at the ocean. When I turn around toward the mountain, I like seeing Hualālai staring back at me. Perfect. I have the best view: both mauka and makai.


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