Beachy Business

By Tasha Mero

Taking cues from Kailua’s unique qualities, SoHa sets up shop.

“Kailua’s such a beachy town,” explains Brooke Watson, co-owner (along with sister Shyrah Maurer) of SoHa Living. “It’s like its own little island, in a way.”

After opening in Kailua in late 2014, many Kailuans quickly noted SoHa Living’s excellent array of home décor offerings. Sisters Shyrah and Brooke have found a new home for their thriving business in the heart of Kailua. This, the company’s second location in addition to their boutique at Kahala Mall, can be found at 539 Kailua Road.

SoHa3The decision to open their boutique in Kailua is attributed to how the town’s scenery brings out their creativity.

“We’re totally inspired by Kailua,” Shyrah says. “So we’ve been making products specific to Kailua. We’re just so overwhelmed by the big welcome we received from the community.”

SoHa Living offers numerous Kailua-centric items, including throw pillows, hanging signs and even engraved spoons. In addition to their Kailua-inspired products, you’ll also find many other beach-themed items, such as kitchen towels, cosmetic pouches, trendy totes and picture frames.

Read the full story here, in go Kailua Magazine.

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